When a contact reports an email as spam via an email client, then the system will no longer deliver emails to that address and contact is marked as status 'Complained'.

If User gets up to 3 spam complaints, they are marked with Warned status. The account is still fully functional.

If User gets 4 spam complaints, they are marked with Disabled status. The account is not functional, and the user is required to contact Support by submitting the ticket. We will review the situation and provide advice on how to use the platform so the emails are not reported as SPAM. 

Please note, when a User has 400 or more contacts, their account will be warned when spam complaints is between .5% and 1% of their total contacts. When spam complaints is 1% or more of their total contacts, their account will be disabled.  

Why are the these protections in place? 

Too many SPAM complaints affect our ability to deliver email on all Users' behalf to their contacts.  Since email delivery of campaign emails and resources is central to the effectiveness of RF, it is an area that we must do our best to monitor the delivery rates as well as put protections in place and educate users on the solutions.