While we really understand why many people would want to do this, there are good reasons why we don't allow this.  RapidFunnel is designed to be a person to person tool.

The issue we've run into is that we haven't yet come up with a way to keep people from abusing it if made available.  Most of you would call each person before putting them into a campaign, but that wouldn't stop the next person from just going through each contact in rapid succession and just assigning them to campaigns rather than doing the work of contacting them.  If someone (or a few people) did that with a large number of contacts, then our SPAM complaint rates could climb rapidly before we could mitigate it and that would adversely affect every user in the system. We currently have a greater than 98% delivery rate for email.  

While we know that many people would use this type of feature correctly, it opens too many opportunities for abuse.  Any abuse of that nature would adversely affect all users. If we can find some way to keep people from abusing it, we'll revisit it, but right now, we don't have a solid way to do that.