You may now send mass emails to your contacts using the Broadcast email feature via web!

Please note that this will only be available on your account once you have reached 100 opted-in contacts.

See steps below:

1) Login on your account.

2) On the left navigation column, click on Broadcast emails

3) Click on Contacts

4) Click on Send To All Contacts (if you will be sending the all)

5) You may also send the email to a particular group of contacts by selecting any of the options available on the Field section.

E.g. You may send the email to those contacts who are assigned to the Opportunity campaign.


On the Field section: select Campaign Name

For Condition: Select Contains

Value: Opportunity


6) Click on Create Broadcast and you will be directed to the Broadcast Email page.

7) Type the Subject of the email

8) Type the content of the email. You may use the available formatting tools in creating the email.

9) Once done, click on Copy Above Content to Clipboard

10) Paste the copied email on the Text Content box


11) The email will be sent using the email entered on the 'Send Email From' box. Note: If this field is left blank, the email will come from your account email address.

12) Click on Send to send the email

      Click on Save Draft if you are not ready to send the email but would like to save the draft

      Click on Back to cancel