The new Import Contacts Feature is now available on RapidFunnel app!

Please steps below:

  1. Login on your account
  2. Click on Contacts
  3. Click the Add Contact icon found on the top right
  4. Select the Import icon on the top right. See screenshot below:
  5. Select a contact to import from your phone book. 
    1. Search Feature by First or Last name is available or scroll down to find a contact
  6. The contact information will be added on the Add new Contact page.
  7. Edit/Add contacts details and notes, as necessary.
  8. Click on Continue
  9. Assign a campaign (if the contact has a valid primary email address)
  10. Select "Schedule an Event' or 'Not yet.'
  11. Done! The contact is now saved on your app.

Note for iOS devices: if your contacts have custom fields or marked as home / work in your contacts, they will be imported as such and primary email field will not be filled. You will then need to copy and paste that address in order to assign the campaign. We are aware of the issue, and the solution is forthcoming within a month.

Please click on a link to learn how to export the contacts: Export Contacts Feature