The Opt-in Email and Day 1 Email serve as an opt-in agreement and the first exposure to the company.

Your contacts will opt-in by simply watching the video after clicking on the link found within the first campaign email.

This  feature has proved to improve your opt-in rates!

You may view the Opt-in/Day 1 campaign email by following the steps below;

1) Login to your RapidFunnel account

2) Click on Menu on the top if Navigation with options is not visible on the sidebar.

3) Click on Campaigns on the left side of the page.

  • Pick a campaign you want to review
  • In the Total Contacts column, it will show how many of your contacts are assigned to each campaign.
  • Click on the eye icon under Action in the last column  

Next window will show you:

  • A campaign name and the description of it
  • On the right-hand side, campaign emails are listed.
  • It shows which day they are sent out.
  • Click the eye icon to view the content of the opt-in email
  • You may also check the rest of the campaign emails, when needed.


You will receive a notification email once your contact clicks on the video link.

If not, please see possible reason and solution on this article - Campaign Click Notification Emails

Happy Prospecting!