Users are enjoying the video analytics as a way to better understand their prospects’ behavior and interest level. 

It is now available on the newest version of the App and via portal! 

Anytime you send a video via the platform, it tracks  your prospect’s viewing time.

You’ll still need to log in via the web to view all the details, which you can access in different ways listed below. Our dev team is working to have analytics to be available on the app in the near future:

Contact Information Box: gives you quick info, showing the total minutes of all videos watched, including any videos watched multiple times.

Activity Log Box: shows you analytics about the percentages of videos watched.

~ You can see how much of each video your prospect watched. When the same video is watched multiple times, you’ll see the percentage listed separately for each viewing.

~ When you click on the percentage watched, you’ll also see the new Heat Map which shows you which parts of the video where watched and even which sections were watched more than once, to help you zero in on interest.

~ Click on the resource name to see a description of the video and you’ll also get a direct link if you want to quickly reference it for yourself.

Please note, the stats for Video Analytics do not show up immediately, but within 2 hrs after the prospect has watched it. Refreshing stats will not show Video Analytics any quicker. In other words, the stats are delayed by 2 hrs.