RapidFunnel (RF) is designed to be a permission-based convergence of high-tech and high-touch; a warm market and person-to-person tool.  It is not a system meant for "spray and pray" tactics or to just throw a bunch of people's information in and hope something sticks.  At its essence, the most effective marketing is permission-based: meaning that the contact has told you that they want the information you are providing.

It doesn't work to put people into the system who don't know they should look for the opt-in email.  We know that most people intend to the use the system correctly, however, we've found that some Users do not.  Therefore, the protections were put in place to protect all Users on the RapidFunnel platform.  Low opt-in rates are almost always a pre-cursor to high SPAM complaints.  Too many SPAM complaints affects our ability to deliver email on all Users' behalf to their contacts.  Since delivery of campaign emails is central to the effectiveness of RF, we must do our best to protect the platform in these areas.

Your contacts must opt-in before they will start receiving marketing information from the campaigns.  While we know that some contacts don't see the opt-in email, or choose not to opt-in, we have found that Users who have considerably less than a 50% opt-in rate typically aren't doing one of two things:

  1. They aren't telling people that they HAVE TO confirm their email by CLICKING on the link, or haven't asked them to look for that first email and click on the link. 
  2. They aren't talking to the people they put in the system AT ALL .

Once you reach 50 contacts, the system starts checking your opt-in rate.  50 is an arbitrary number that was chosen in order to make sure an active new User doesn't get disabled on their first or 2nd day, as it may take a day or two for their contacts to click on the opt-in email.

If your opt-in rate falls bellow 20%, you will receive a warning email, letting you know that your opt-in rate is low and you should take steps to review all your contacts. At this point your account will still be fully functional. 

If your opt-in rate falls bellow 10%, you will receive an email telling you that your account has been disabled and to contact Support. At this point your account will no longer be functional. 

In order to get your opt-in rate above the MINIMUM 20% threshold, you have 3 options:

NOTE: The app is disabled once your account is disabled. You have to manage your account from the web.

  1. Login on the website and go to your ‘Contacts'. For any who are not ‘Active', you can call and let them know what information you are sending and explain that they need to confirm their email first by clicking on the link.  It may just be that the confirmation email went into their junk folder, so it's a good idea to remind them to check there.  You can then re-send them the opt-in email using the Envelope icon under the Action column in the Contacts list.  Click here for more info on how to re-send the opt-in email: How do I resend the Opt-in email?
  2. Simply change all the ones who have not opted-in to campaign "None".  By assigning them to campaign ‘None', they do not count against your opt-in rate at all. You can then contact them when you have time to get them properly setup.
  3. Delete the contacts who have unsubscribed, bounced or complained.

    Please Note: The 50 contact threshold was set up for new Users, so even if you get your account below 50 contacts without doing anything else, your opt-in rate might might stay at the same %

    The system will not re-activate your account until it gets above 20%. Remember, this is in your best interest too.  Contacts who do not opt-in will not receive any campaign emails.  Helping people opt-in to a campaign is the best way to put the power of RapidFunnel to work for you.  If they don't ever opt-in, there's no point in leaving them assigned to a campaign, as it negatively affects your rate.

You will get an email notification weekly until your opt-in rate goes above 20%.

Thank you for your understanding and your efforts in learning to use the system as it is intended to be used. Please direct any further questions to RF Support by submitting a ticket.