When your links are sent to your prospects within the RapidFunnel system, they work fine. You don't need to copy/paste the emails out of the system... just add your prospects to the system and the system will send the emails on your behalf. 

To send Resources via the website

  • Login into your account
  • Click on Resources in the left navigation tab
  • Click on the Envelope icon under the Action Column of the resource you wish to send
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  • You will see an email page popup. You can either :
    • Click the Blue 'Send to Contact' button so you may select a contact or contacts to email the resource or...
    • Fill out the email address of your recipient
  • Click the Green 'Send' button to send the resource


To send resources via your device: 


  • Open the app 
  • Click on Contacts
  • Click on a Contact you wish to send a resource to
  • Scroll to the bottom of page
  • Click on 'Send Resource' button
  • Click on Category the resource is in
  • Click on the box or multiple boxes if you want to send multiple resources
  • There are a few ways to send/share your resources: 
    • Click on Text icon to send resource via text
    • Click on Envelope icon if you wish to send via email
    • Click on Social Share icon to share your resources via whatever social apps you have installed on your device. 

You can personalize the Subject Line of your resource message as well as the body of the message. 

Be careful not to edit the link in the body of the message, as your user id is attached to the link, so your prospect will be sent to your personal page.