If your prospect's email address has to be updated, you will need to resend the opt-in email.

There are 2 ways to resend the opt-in email. The first option is currently available on the web only:


  • Log into your account on the web
  • Go to Contacts
  • Find your contact you want to resend the campaign opt-in email
  • Click on the envelope in the last column (Action)omqCn8pCgGIR7PKPz7I7XURNGFGpyNWGRA.png
  • The email will be resent
  • Please note, that you can only do it once.

To resend it from the app or from the web (when the envelope is no longer present): 

  • Click on the Contact name
  • Scroll down, choose campaign: None
  • Click Save


  • Go back to campaigns and pick appropriate campaign
  • Click Save
  • The opt in email will be resent