There is no limit on how many contacts can be entered into the system. 

However, there IS a limit on the number of contacts that can be assigned to a campaign in a given period of time based on opt-in rate (contacts sent opt-ins vs contacts that opted-in):  

  • Opt-in rate below 40%:  12/hour, 25/day, 100/week
  • Opt-in rate below 60%:  18/hour, 45/day, 250/week
  • Opt-in rate greater than 60%:  25/hour, 100/day, 500/week

Once you assign your contact to a campaign, that is when the clock starts. Example: 

For hourly limits, if you assign a contact to a campaign at 10.05 you can assign your 19th contact at 11.05

For daily limits, if you assign a contact to a campaign at 10.05 you can assign your 46th contact next day at 10.05

This feature was added to prevent assigning mass amounts of contacts to campaigns without talking with them. 

The tool is designed and is most successful when you talk to a contact before assigning them to a campaign. 

We found people run into trouble when they start assigning contacts to campaigns without actually speaking to them first, or confirming that prospects do want to receive campaign emails. Assigning contact to a campaign at a later date can also cause problems, as prospects can forget who you are. We want the system to be as usable as possible for everyone while still protecting the integrity of the system.

Happy prospecting!