The Opt-in email and Day 1 email are combined. Your contacts no longer need to respond to an opt-in email first, before receiving the Day 1 campaign email.


By simply clicking on the link to watch the video in the new Opt-in/Day 1 combo, they are opted-in to the campaign.This streamlines the process for everyone and should lead to a higher contact opt-in rate.


You will not receive a notification that the contact has opted-in, but you will get a notification when your contact has watched the video in the Opt-in/Day 1 email, which serves the same purpose.

On the app, the contact status is color coded. You can see when the contact opted-in if the dot next to it is green. 

What do the colors next to contacts in my app mean?

On the web, you can see if they opted-in by following below steps: 

  • Log in on the website. 
  • Go to Contacts
  • Click on a contact you want to check on
  • See the Activity Log on the right hand of the screen
  • If the contact opted-in, it will show percentage of the video watched. 
  • If it says 'Open', that means they opened the email, but never clicked on the link to opt-in or watched the video, therefore they will not receive any further emails. 
  • If it says 'Sent', it means they never opened the email. 

You can see what each status means here: What do different Email or Contact status mean?