Our most recent statistics show our delivery rate at 98.56%. This means our bounce rate is 1.44%. 

It is possible that an email was sent, did not bounce but ended up in your prospects spam filter or promotional emails folder. 

This is an important distinction to be aware of. 

If your bounce rate is much higher than 1.44% than, we have a few suggestions:

For the fastest resolution to this challenge, we recommend creating and/or using a free Gmail account.

Once you have a Gmail account, you can change your own email address by logging into your account and changing it by clicking on Edit Profile. Please click Save on any changes you make. 

Why is this happening?
The technical reason for this is:

Yahoo and AOL are poor service providers to users for multiple reasons. If you are using either provider, we would encourage you to make a change.  

When an email is sent, it can be tracked back to where it was sent from. In this case, Yahoo (and other email providers) tracks it back and sees that it came from RapidFunnel's email servers.

In order to provide a seamless experience for your contacts, we have the email "FROM" set to be your email address, so that the email appears to come directly from you as a personal communication. It is in fact true, as it is coming from you, we are just sending it for you.

The issue is that illegitimate companies have used this same technique to pretend to be sending emails from legitimate email addresses and instead sending JUNK. As usual, the bad guys ruin it for the rest of us.

While this is heavily affecting delivery rates to and from Yahoo and AOL addresses (either if your email is a Yahoo or AOL address or your Contact's email is), it does not appear to be affecting other email carriers.

We are working to find the best solution for this issue and hope to have it resolved very soon. We apologize that there is no good workaround at this time and we recognize the importance.

Email delivery is extremely important to us and is something we track rigorously. As soon as we are able to find a good solution, we will update this article.