There is not a way to subscribe someone to a Campaign via text. You need to have a primary email address for a contact in order to assign them to a campaign. If your contacts do not have an email address, you will not be able to assign them to a campaign, however you will be able to send them resources.

You CAN add the prospects to your account if you have their phone numbers. 

You CAN send someone a one-time Resource via text or email.


There are two major issues with text campaigns: 
1) Currently, the text comes from you...from your phone; RapidFunnel only provides the content of that text.  The only way to do a text campaign (that is sent automatically) would be to send it from a number that RapidFunnel controls (think of those 5 digit numbers you get advertising stuff from). This means, if the person replied to that text, it would come to RapidFunnel...not you. 

2) Text is, by nature, a conversation.  So, hypothetically, even if RapidFunnel could overcome the technical challenges above, if you sent your prospect a resource, and then they replied...and you started chatting. When another resource is sent automatically, it would likely be out of context.   Email is different in that RapidFunnel can send from their server but the reply goes to you...and emails are not put in conversations unless the subject line matches (depending on the email client). We are always open to ideas of how to overcome these challenges!